Crest Eye

	"The South place, north place, the place
		between the eyes,
	The place at the Muladhara and the place
		Where there is the milk of Knowledge,
	Intermingle happily at a good place and
		that is my real place,
	I touched, touched and touching, I left off
	I touched one and being unable to leave it,
		I went to a higher state,
	What is it? That is the awareness of my
		true state."

The crest eye is located at the top of the head but within the skull. Awareness is the pressure exerted on this spot by the semen alias Kundalini when it reaches here through the forehead eye. The resulting pleasure is the supreme bliss.

The passage for the semen to reach this crest eye is like the tip of a fishing hook. Hence, if the Tapas are practiced without the guidence of a Guru, when the semen reaches the top, the semen being energetic, may affect the person with headache, pain or diseases if the person's body is PITHA. Some may even loose their senses and may go mad.